Customer Supplied Goods

Supplying your own items for decoration?

High Winds Graphix may not be able to source your desired items for decoration. Sometimes, the best possible outcome is for the customer to take the time and effort to research and source their perfect garment(s). All item(s) proposed for decoration must be approved by High Winds Graphix, in addition to the customer agreeing to the following:

  1. Design and placement must be suitable for decoration according to High Winds Graphix. We may ask to physically see the item to determine suitability. 

  2. The customer is responsible for ensuring their garments are free from defects or flaws before High Winds Graphix takes possession of goods. High Winds Graphix will do our best to alert the customer of any perceived defects or flaws before proceeding with decoration.

  3. Although High Winds Graphix maintains the highest quality workmanship in our decoration processes, the customer understands said processes are not infallible. Problems rarely occur, but High Winds Graphix is not responsible for the cost of replacement of customer supplied goods through the decoration process.

  4. Items must be new and unwashed.

  5. There is an extra fee if you require a mock-up for customer-supplied items.

  6. We do not offer rush service on customer-supplied garments. They will take longer than our current lead time. 

  7. Pricing is higher during our busy season May 1- September 15.
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