2024 Priems Yachting Society Cotton T-Shirt


Cotton tee with a classic fit. Custom-made to order using the 2024 Priems Shirt design. The design is derived from the earlier years of Priems when the regretta started at the bar.

**Two week lead time

Synopsis of the shirt back design story: Once upon a time in the summer of ’68 Dave Hunter bummed a ride to the boat “Al Di La” from Syd Reynolds. It was Dave’s day to bring a case of beer, which he had forgotten to purchase and there wasn’t anywhere open to buy it.
As they were driving out Mack [avenue] they noticed a lady in a white cocktail dress staggering out of a bar across the street.  They noticed two signs, Priem’s and Beer To Take-out.
A fast U-turn and they entered.  Dick, the huge owner/bartender slid a couple of beers down the bar and rudely asked if they wanted ham and eggs.  Yes! Then they sat and watched as the people from various night-shifts showed up.  The Jute Box blared and there was dancing, pool, pinballs and hearty boozing. 
Dave bought his beer and cigars and relayed his story to the crew.  The next Saturday they did it again and a and few others showed up. From then on the Saturday morning crowd grew to 20 – 30 sailors.
The popularity needed official recognition and sanction.  Hence, the formation of Priems International Sailing Society.  However, Tommy Fisher objected to the abbreviation (P.I.S.S.), so the name was changed to Priems Yachting Society.
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