Branded products specialists. High Winds Graphix creates and supplies all types of innovative promotional products. Our imprinted promotional products and wearables make your logo or brand stand out and create not just brand awareness, but brand preference. We supply "SWAG" or "Stuff We All Get" that you hand out at events; thank you gifts; fundraising and more. These items drive referrals to you, elicit emotional response and the recipient thanks you for receiving this advertising medium. Contact us for your trinkets, drinkwear, writing instraments, toys, and more. We will help you come up with a give-a-way that will excite those you give them to. 


High Winds Graphix, can decorate your garments or bags using embroidery!  Many garments often look best when embroidered.  Jackets, Fleece & Polo's and some other items often look best when the logo or graphic is stitched into the garment rather than another process that prints ON the garment.  While some of these items still look great with another printing method, we want our customers to be able to decide what looks best to them. Whether you are looking for simple text, Monogramming, or detailed graphics and logos, we can digitize just about anything and put it on your items to show off your brand. One item to 1000 or more. Our embroidery department will get the job done.  


Dye Sublimation

What is Dye Sublimation?

It is a method of applying an image to Polyester materials, Metals & Ceramics using Sublimation ink, Heat and Pressure.  Sublimation ink is unique due to its ability to convert from a solid to a gas without going through a liquid form.  Metals and Ceramics have a special coating on them to allow the sublimation process to transfer the image to the substrate material.  100% Polyester cloth or clothing materials do not require this coating.

Why use Dye Sublimation?

Dye Sublimation allows full color, near photo quality images to be dyed onto sublimated-able surfaces.  This is particularly nice on moisture wicking shirts and garments! By dying the shirt instead of printing ON TOP of the shirt, the moister wicking properties of the shirt are maintained.    This process must be applied to light colored polyesters, as the process is actually dying the material and not printing on it.

Take a look at some of our previous Dye Sublimation Projects in our Gallery




Heat Applied Graphics

Heat applied graphics make use of material such as vinyl, glitter, metallics, twill, and many more.  Vinyl is great for team jerseys, low quantity orders and other simple custom designs.  These designs are typically 1-4 colors.  The material is cut using a vinyl cutting machine and then transferred to the shirt or other garment using heat and pressure. If your design includes more that 5 colors or the order is for a large quantity, we have many options available to use to provide you with a high quality finished product. These methods include full color printing on vinyl transfer materials, pre-printed silk screen heat transfers( essentially the same look and feel as a silk screened t-shirt).
Contact us to find out what printing method fits your design needs.

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Vinyl Graphics

Looking to get some graphics put on your boat, car or business?  We can help you get your logo or graphic on just about anything you want to.
Vinyl is perfect for letting on glass, fiberglass and metal signs.  Vinyl is also perfect for yard signs, banners, Interior wall decorating, etc.

We have all seen vinyl lettering applied to cars, vans & trucks as well as business windows and signage.  How many of you have thought about adding that same type of lettering to the interior walls of your house?  Have a favorite saying or phrase?  let us make you a decal to put on your walls.

Take a look at some Vinyl projects in our Gallery