Web & Spirit Stores

we create and facilitate product line stores that help our clients easily get their products to end users.

What are Web & Spirit Stores?

Online spirit-wear stores are e-commerce platforms that specialize in selling wearables and accessories to represent and support school spirit, sports teams, clubs, and organizations. These stores offer a wide range of products such as t-shirts, hoodies, hats, bags, drink wear, accessories and more.  They provide a convenient means for students, parents, alumni, and fans to purchase clothing and accessories to show their loyalty and support. These stores also offer the option to customize items with school logos, mascots, and slogans, allowing for personalization. Our spirit stores offer fundraising opportunities. Overall, these stores serve as a source to build community and boost morale by allowing individuals to showcase their affiliation for their school, club, or favorite team.

We Do The Work and Save You Time

Our web stores feature quality items adorned proudly with your branding, and free organizations from the hassle of order processing. You choose the items; we create a website and ship the orders.

Looking for more benefits?

  • Custom website with the look of your brand’s web presence.
  • No hosting fees and a subdomain address that matches your organization.
  • Free Product Design Services – Our graphic designers will create professional product images for each and every item you wish to sell.
  • Access To A Wide Range Of Custom Product- And by “wide range,” we literally mean thousands of wearables, drinkwear and accessories.
  • Timely fullfilment of orders. Usually within two business weeks.
  • Marketing Support- We’ll create graphics and content to promote your store on social media, print, email, etc.
  • Optional commissions on items sold. How much money can you make? Depending on the volume sold you could make 10-40%.
Fully customizable! We format the store to meet your needs

Print on demand 24/7/365 or Limited edition/Preorders

Print On Demand is our most popular store format. Your store stays open year-round. Items offered are periodically updated. The more you promote the store, the more you sell. Great for holidays, gift-giving, and events.

Limited Preorders we place items on sale for a specific – and limited – period. Once that time is up (the cut-off date), we print the preordered item and deliver two weeks after the cut-off date. For this method, there are often more custom items and the potential for more discounts or commissions.

Shipping and fulfillment options:  Flat rate shipping in the US. Local delivery for a small fee in Grosse Pointe. Free order distribution by someone in the organization (great for teams, schools, and clubs).

Is a Web store right for your organization?
Plan for Success

In order for a spirit wear store to succeed, it’s dependent on your organization’s ability to promote it (through online promotions, word-of-mouth, etc.). And because our services are offered nearly at cost, it makes sense for us to partner with an organization that will make an effort to – or have the capacity to – attract a consistent number of online purchasers.

what else do you want to know about spirit wear stores?

Ask Us Anything

Usually 2 weeks

Usually there is no charge for a web store. $2500+ in sales per year is the target. Limited products are offered at launch.

We evaluate individual cases carefully to determine the costs. 

Organizations have an option to make a commission on sales. 

Basic stores usually start with about 12 items to launch a site. More items are periodically added. Some stores start larger when we know the level of demand and sales forecast.

No. We require exclusive rights to sell your products online. Too many problems arise with multiple vendors. 

About a month after approval of designs, product offering, logistics and prices. It could take longer if advanced or custom elements are incorporated into the program.

We work together to select the products offered. The client provides some specifics about  a wearable they would like to offer. Color (s), Budget, Material, Brand requested, etc. From there we narrow it down to 4 options to choose from with pricing for each. Some clients prefer to shop from a larger offering. Here is a site where you can see many of our options: https://www.companycasuals.com/HWGFX

Web Store orders are paid for by credit card through PayPal secure payment processing service. You do NOT need a PayPal account to check out. All major credit cards are accepted.

Flat rate shipping is offered within the United states. $4.50 for local delivery in Grosse Pointe.  Free pick up is also and option if the organization has someone to distribute the orders. 

Minimum of two years for Print on Demand stores.  We are interested in maximizing its potential by adding products and regular promotion efforts to ensure its success. Furthermore, we request to be the exclusive online product supplier for the Organization. 

We strive to make our clients happy

So, let's be happy together